Woodland play tent

Code : CG010

Woodland Play Tent - Pattern by Matching Pegs
Make an enchanting hideaway for your little person.
Features a soft floor, and a window you can open or close

Finished size: 150cm high with a 120cm square footprint. (59” high, 48” sq).
Woodland PlayTent with 'tree' window that opens and closes. Pattern by Matching Pegs
Woodland Play Tent. Pattern by Matching Pegs


  • 4 lengths of 1.8m long, 16 mm diameter dowel (four 6ft long, 5/8” diameterdowel).*
  • 4.4m of 240cm wide, unbleached calico (OR 5 yards of 90” wide muslin).
  • 1.4m of 148cm wide cream polar fleece (1 1/2 yards of 58” wide polar fleece).
  • 20cm of 20 mm wide cream or white sew on Velcro (8” of 3/4”wide Velcro).
  • 50cm (5/8 yard) of Spotty Green fabric for the window-tree
  • 50cm (5/8 yard) of Basket-weave green fabric for the tree with 4 branches, leaves and stems
  • 40cm (1/2 yard) of mid-green fabric for the Pencil Pine tree, flower leaves and stems
  • 1 fat quarter of light-green leaf fabric for the tree with 2 branches, flower leaves and stems
  • 30cm (1/3 yard) mid-brown fabric for the Window-tree trunk, a feather and the bird
  • 30cm (1/3 yard) dark-brown-swirly fabric for the trunk and 4 branches
  • 1 fat eighth of dark-brown-spotty fabric for the trunk and 2 branches
  • 1 fat eighth of mid-brown-triangle fabric for the Pencil Pine trunk
  • 70cm (3/4 yard) of Double-sided fusible web (The brand I used was 90cm (1 yard) wide).
  • 2 different large yellow/orange scraps, approx. 24cm (9 1/2”) square, for two larger sun-circles.
  • Orange/ Yellow scraps that add up to approx. a fat eighth, for flowers, butterflies and sun-centre.
  • Blue scraps, (with at least 5 that measure 16 x 9cm (6 1/2” x 3 1/2”)) that add up to approx. the size of a fat eighth, for the Dragonflies, flowers and a feather.
  • Red/Pink scraps, of at least 12cm (4 3/4”) square, that add up to approx. a fat eighth, for the butterflies and flowers.
  • Cream thread (polyester for strength) and threads to match the appliqué fabrics.
  • A disappearing fabric marker.
  • A roll of paper to draw up the pattern pieces, a pencil, and Sticky-tape.
  • Builder’s Retractable Measuring tape.
  • Perspex Quilting Ruler.
  • Compass.
  • Appliqué-Mat or silicon baking paper such as “Glad Bake”.
  • Threads to match the appliqué fabrics.
  • 1 elastic hair-tie or strong rubber-band.
  • A Safety Pin and a Pressing Bar, (or a Metal or Wooden School Ruler).
  • Sewing Machine, scissors and general sewing supplies.

* The dowels are a standard hardware size, that require no cutting.

I am no longer designing and selling patterns, but I’m very proud of the work I created, so I have left the patterns detailed here as a record of my endeavours.

Pattern : CG010 : Woodland play tent