With great love stitchery

Code : CG017

With Great Love Embroidery - CG017 - Pattern by Matching pegs

A great motto for anyone who makes things by hand.

This stitchery measures 210mm x 297mm (A4 or 81/4” x 112/3”)
It fits well in a 10” x 13” (25 x 33cm) or 11” x 14” (28 x 35cm) frame*


  • 40cm (OR 1/2 yard) of a pale, plain coloured cotton fabric for the stitchery.
  • 40cm (OR 1/2 yard) of fusible, light-weight batting, such Vilene H630, OR fusible stabiliser/interfacing for embroidery such as Weaveline.
  • 6 Stranded Embroidery Floss in the following colours (one of each):
  • Cottage Garden Threads 200 Golden Elm
  • Cottage Garden Threads 606 Golden Gully
  • Cottage Garden Threads 1103 Rosella
  • Cottage Garden Threads 1206 Lyrebird Walk
  • Very fine permanent pigment pen in brown: eg “Zig Millennium 03 in Pure Brown” OR “Sakura Pigma Micron 01 (0.25mm) in Brown”.
  • Embroidery needle of choice.
  • Iron and pressing cloth (I use a clean tea towel).
  • Rubber Gloves (for handling the glass in frame).
  • Picture Frame (sized as listed above).
  • Perspex quilting ruler, rotary cutter & mat.
  • Embroidery scissors.
  • Embroidery hoop (optional).
  • Light box (optional).

* The frame on the cover is 11” x 14” (28 x 35cm)

CG-017 With Great Love Pattern Cover

Pattern Cover

I am no longer designing and selling patterns, but I’m very proud of the work I created, so I have left the patterns detailed here as a record of my endeavours.

Pattern : CG017 : With great love embroidery