Felt blossoms creative card

Code : CG701

Simple and addictive to make, a wonderful handmade present so you can give blooms all year round.

Felt blossoms hair clip

Small felt flowers, approx. 5cm (2”) in diameter, for sewing onto hair clips, (or any other surface you want to embellish).

Requirements (for one hair clip)

  • 1 Metal snap clip with a hole in the end, as shown below*.
  • Approx. 10 x 7cm (4” x 2 3/4”) piece of thick wool or wool-blend felt  for the 5 flower petals and flower back.
  • Approx. 4cm square (1 1/2” square) piece of contrasting thick wool or  wool-blend felt for the flower centre.
  • Contrasting 6-stranded Embroidery floss.
  • Sheet of printer-weight paper to draw the pattern pieces onto.
  • Tracing paper to trace the patterns pieces from this card. (optional).
  • Small sharp scissors with pointed ends.
  • Embroidery needle

* If you can’t find a clip like this, try to find a similar one that also has a hole in the end. If you can’t find a holey one, you might need to resort to improvisational stitching, or using a hot glue gun to attach your flower, but these instructions don’t cover that.

Felt blossoms hair clip - Creative Card by Matching Pegs

Pattern Cover

I am no longer designing and selling patterns, but I’m very proud of the work I created, so I have left the patterns detailed here as a record of my endeavours.

Pattern : CG701 : Felt blossoms creative card