Comic cushions

Code : CG030

A pair of large fusible appliqué cushions that pack a punch!

Comic Cushions - Pattern by Matching Pegs

Boom detail - Comic Cushions - Pattern by Matching Pegs

Each cushion cover is intended for a 65cm (26”) square cushion or a European Pillow.


  • 1.3m (OR 11/2 yards) of Newsprint fabric for KAPOW cushion back and BOOM Cushion front. (For KAPOW, 70cm or 3/4 yard) (For BOOM, 60cm or 5/8 yard).
  • 1m (OR 11/4 yard) of Black Quilter’s cotton for BOOM cushion back, borders & appliqué and KAPOW appliqué. (For just BOOM purchase the same amount). (For just KAPOW purchase a Fat Quarter).
  • 80cm (OR 7/8 yard) of Royal Blue Fabric for KAPOW cushion front.
  • 60cm (OR 2/3 yard) of Black on White Polka Dots for KAPOW appliqué.
  • 60cm (OR 5/8 yard) of Red fabric for KAPOW and BOOM appliqué. (For just KAPOW purchase the same). (For just BOOM purchase a Fat Eighth).
  • Fat Quarter of White on Orange pin dot fabric for KAPOW and BOOM appliqué. (For just BOOM purchase same amount) (For just KAPOW purchase Fat Eighth).
  • 1 Fat Eighth of White on Yellow polka dot fabric for BOOM appliqué.
  • 1.4m (1 1/2 yard) of 90cm (1 yard) wide Double sided fusible web OR 2m (2 1/2 yard) of 61cm (24”) wide Double sided fusible web. *NB: For KAPOW the fusible web must be wider than 55cm (21”).
  • Two 56cm (22”) Black Invisible zippers.
  • Sewing threads to match applique fabrics.
  • 65cm (26”) square cushion or European Pillow.
  • Perspex quilting ruler, rotary cutter & mat.
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot and general sewing supplies, Iron and Ironing Board
  • Paper Scissors, Sticky tape and Pencil.
  • Light box, Invisible zipper foot & Embroidery scissors. (Optional).

* All fabrics are assumed to be at least 42” wide (106cm)

CG018 - Comic Quilt Cover A4 - Pattern by Matching Pegs

Pattern Cover

I am no longer designing and selling patterns, but I’m very proud of the work I created, so I have left the patterns detailed here as a record of my endeavours.

Pattern : CG030 : Comic cushions