Bubbles quilt

Code : CG009

Bubbles - Quilt pattern by Matching Pegs

A basic quilt for the bubbly person in your life.
Contains directions for making perfectly round applique circles.

Finished size:122 x 183cm (48” x 55”).
Applique circles are created with pre-turned edges, ready to hand or machine applique in place, use your favourite method. Great for beginners.


  • 90cm (1 yard) Background fabric C & E
  • 90cm (1 yard) Background fabric J & K
  • 50cm (1/2 yard) Background fabric B
  • 50cm (1/2 yard) Background fabric A & H
  • 30cm(1/3 yard) Background fabric I
  • 30cm(1/3 yard) Background fabric D & L
  • 20cm (1/4 yard) Background fabric F & G
  • 1 Fat Quarter Applique fabric for “Pink” bubbles
  • 1 Fat Quarter Applique fabric for “Green” bubbles
  • 1 Fat Eighth Applique fabric for “Brown” bubbles
  • 1 Fat Eighth Applique fabric for “Orange” bubbles*
  • 50cm (1/2 yard) of Binding Fabric*.
  • 2.8 m or (3 yards) of Backing fabric.
  • Disappearing fabric marker
  • 2m of 1.5m wide (79” x 59”) Batting OR 1.4m of 2.4m wide (55” x 97”) Batting.
  • 1.1m of 1m wide (44” x 39”) lightweight interfacing (fusible or non-fusible) OR 1.8m of 50cm wide (72” x 20”) lightweight interfacing.
  • Sewing threads to match the appliques, and a thread that blends for piecing.
  • A variety of circle templates from your home; eg. Platters, Saucepan lids, bowls, cups OR a compass and cardboard for templates.
  • Sewing machine with 1/4” foot and general sewing supplies.

*If you wish to use the same fabric for these bubbles and the binding, as I have, then purchase 70cm (3/4 yard) altogether, instead of the Fat Eighth and the 50cm (1/2 yard).

I am no longer designing and selling patterns, but I’m very proud of the work I created, so I have left the patterns detailed here as a record of my endeavours.

Pattern : CG009 : Bubbles quilt