Preparing for my Raw Edge Fusible Applique Class

Welcome, and thank-you for signing up for my Raw Edge Fusible Applique class, I’m really looking forward to meeting you and sharing my love for fusible applique. There are a few things that you need to prepare before the class, and this is a visual accompaniment to the requirements list you will have been provided with.
Class Requirements

Before the class please do the following…

  • Follow the cutting instruction in the pattern for the black fabric (steps 1 to 6) to cut out the 26” square of fabric for the cushion back of the BOOM cushion and the 4 black borders for the front of the boom cushion. Two of these borders measure 28” x 4 ¾” and two of them measure 19 ½” x 4 ¾”. Bring the remainder of the black fabric in for appliques.
  • Cut out a 19 ½” square from the newsprint fabric for the front of the BOOM cushion

Cushion Front and Back ready for Applique

  • Follow the instruction in the pattern to assemble the pieced cushion front from the newsprint square and the 4 black borders, following steps 12 to 18. I use black thread to piece my cushion front.
  • Cut and Assemble the pattern sheets F, G & H as described in steps 24 to 25.

Assembled Pattern Sheets

  • Trace each applique shape onto the paper side of the double-sided fusible web. Include the dotted line inside shapes 1, 6, 7 & 8. (Follow step 26) Don’t cut the shapes out yet, we will do that in class. Your roll of fusible web should look something like this…

Fusible Web Drawing

  • Don’t forget to bring fabric scissors, paper scissors and small, sharp embroidery scissors

Fabric scissors, Paper Scissors and Embroidery scissors

  • You will need a zipper foot for your machine, to assemble your cushion front.  My one is shown below (left) but they look different for each sewing machine.  Check your manual or google your make of machine to find out what your foot looks like, if you are not sure.

Zipper foot, Invisible zipper foot and Self-threading-needle


  •   If you have an invisible zipper foot, please bring that along, but you don’t need to rush out and buy one, your normal zipper foot will work.  My invisible zipper foot is shown above (right) but they are not always clear, and they sometimes look quite different.
  • The needle shown above is a self-threading needle.  I should have some spares with me for you to borrow, but these make life so much easier if you have them, they are an excellent addition to your sewing room!

Glasses and Hyflex Gloves

  • Hyflex gloves are available in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket.  They are a wonderful product to help you grip your work to manuver it under your machine needle, and I recommend trying them.
  • If you wear reading glasses for close work, don’t forget to bring them!

See you soon, in class!

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