String Quilt Cushion


Thing have been going along swimmingly with my string pieced blocks – which has been great, I have been using them as a kind of therapy lately.  I decided a few days ago that I could probably spare a few strips for a quick-finish-project I had in mind – a string pieced cushion.


As I needed a slightly different sized block to fit the cushion, I decided to choose a different colour for the starting diagonal.  The last thing that I wanted was a stray, odd-sized-block getting mixed up in the New House Quilt!


To give the cushion a bit more durability, and a nice shape, I decided to take a leaf out of Lily’s book and quilt the blocks onto a old piece of blanket I had left over from a previous sewing endeavor.  I was really pleased with the finish this gave to the cushion, and I am saving the rest of that blanket for more.

Now here is the part where you start laughing.  I lovingly crafted this cushion for our Puppy, (I know that some of you will not find this as hilarious as others – but the dog owners out there, that have hounds that shred their bedding, will probably shake their heads at least).


You see, Lotta has taken a liking to perching on this folded quilt in the evenings when she comes inside.  Like a mountain goat, she delicately makes her way to the end of the back of the couch (which, as you can see, is not against a wall, but floating out in front of the shelves).  I had taken to leaving the quilt there as I was gradually sewing down the binding to finish it.  Clearly it took me a while, because Lotta has gotten used to it.


I am hoping she will get used to the new cushion (and the idea that it is especially for her), so that once we move house I can place it somewhere more convenient, and less precarious.  At least I know she will have a stylish cushion that will go with our decor, and not look like something that belongs to the dog – unless she takes up shredding her bedding.

Have you made anything beautiful for your pet lately?



Spring is well and truly in the air here in Melbourne.  Being the changeable city it is (four seasons in one day) there has been some back and forth with cooler weather, but I can feel the overall change on the wind.

These beautiful flowers were put together by “Aunty” Libby, (a much loved almost-family-member) at our Church’s “Spring Fair” on the weekend – she knows me well -she said “These are just your colours”.

I spent the afternoon painting children’s faces – mostly butterflies, and the occasional spider or pirate. When I get the photos from my Mum’s camera, I will have to show your my kid’s faces – Amelia had the most unusual “face” there – she is so imaginative.

My kids had a lovely time, there were pony rides, a handball competition, biscuit decorating and plaster painting.  Michaela even had a chick on her head in the farm area!  There were loads of volunteers, and all proceeds went to charities (not our Church).  Some of the money will be going all the way to an Orphanage in Uganda that the church has been raising funds for, for years.


Like Lotta, who has had her winter coat removed, I am well and truly wanting to leave Winter behind.  August was the sickest month in our house that I can remember – there was less than a handful of days when there was not a sick member of the family on the couch – we were at the doctors 7 times in about 5 weeks.  Nothing serious for my household though – the usual winter ills.


Winter has also been dark emotionally, as my brother has been in hospital for the entire season – hopefully he is getting closer to being well enough to go home in the near future.  My sister had lots of difficult health news too – so we are all wanting Spring to roll on in and bring a fresh new start.

This photo was taken in one of my favourite places – a very large park near home, with hours worth of walking track.  My Mum, Michaela and I visited it last week, on one of the first warmer days.  I am going to make an effort to get outside as often as I can, it really lifts the spirit.

What place really lifts your spirits?

Little Quilty*


I finally finished that little quilt to match the bunny.  I decided that it didn’t look to towely after all.


As you can see I made it for a little baby girl called Alani – who is not so tiny any more, but several months old.  As her family was moving house, I waited a little while to make a gift, but then I took a little while longer when life got really busy.  All it needs now is a little label and it is in the post.  Luckily I can show it to you – I don’t think they are blog readers (I hope).

While I took my photos, on the deck, in the lovely Autumn sunshine, I had company.


Who keeps you company while you work on your projects?

* That post headline was actually a typo, but I liked the word Quilty so I kept it right up there.