My What Big Teeth You Have……

Well I actually managed to get some hand sewing done last night.


I was watching “The Day After Tomorrow” while I finished off the teeth and light grey surrounds. It was a suitably scary movie to watch while sewing up this scary beast.

While many would argue about the reality or otherwise of this movie (where another Ice Age is triggered by polar melting due to Global Warming), I like the fact that it really give you pause for thought. I often think about what our children will be dealing with as a result of climate change. I also wonder how well I would survive in a post apocalyptic world. I daydream about how well I would handle living with more primitive living conditions, we are so soft living here in the first world in the 21st century. For this reason I also enjoy the living history shows where people live as previous generations did to see what it was like.

Anyway, this was my type of action movie, lots of action, not too much shoot em up.

A Pair.

Momentum is building here in the Matching Pegs household.

In a week and a half, my little sister (6.5 years younger) is getting married! 3 members of the household are in the bridal party, and two of them are children. Our mother has been slaving over the sewing machine (I get my creative genes, and sewing help from her) and has outdone herself with simultaneously sophisticated and age appropriate flower girl dresses. She has adjusted my bridesmaids dress, and made 4 vests and 4 ties for the men of the piece. I have so many lovely photos of the girls trying on their flower girl dresses, but obviously showing them here would spoil any surprises at the church for those attending. I will have a piccy or 2 after the 15th. Needless to say, I am spending more time helping format the Order of Service Booklets than creating anything to show here.

Instead of showing you something of mine, have a look at these very sweet Bunnies. The first inhabitants of a stitch along Noah’s Ark Block of the Month that Lynette Anderson has put together, for free.

Lynette’s Bunnies

So take yourself along over to Lynette’s blog, and join in the stitch along.

The Love of Pegs

Matching Pegs

Last night, as I sat down to watch the excellent ABC show “Collectors“, I was excited to discover that one of the featured collections was of pegs.

According to the program “Mike Bradley is one of only six peg collectors in the world. He has the largest collection with 1500 pegs. Known as a “peg-lo-maniac”, he’s drawn to and amazed at the amount of thought and effort man has put into the design of the peg.”

What made me laugh was when the lovely, and extremely stylish Niccole Warren fessed up to being a bit obsessed when using her pegs. She admitted that when hanging out her washing, multiple pegs on the same garment had to match each other, and co-ordinate pleasingly with the garment in question. Sound like anyone?

As people discover my website, quite a few people are letting me in on their strange peg habits, or those of relatives, and it is not always about the pegs matching. Sometimes it is about the numbers of pegs you hold in your hand before reaching for more or some such thing.

Lunch wraps on line

This is not actually a shot of nappies or serviettes, but of my small way of being green. I have made calico wraps, to wrap up the kids sandwiches for school. Actually they usually have Jaffles which I cook and leave to cool before packing them in their Lunch boxes. I hated soggy or dry sandwiches, so I am quite happy to whip up a Jaffle in the mornings, if it ensures that a healthy lunch is eaten at school.

While searching for descriptions of Jaffles for you non-Aussie-speaking people, I found this lovely looking recipe for White Chocolate and Raspberry Ricotta Jaffle, Yum! Looks much more decadent than my Ham and Cheese or Apple puree and Currant Jaffles.