It’s cold outside


I had barely sat down to write this post when an almighty noise started. Very heavy hail. We are in the midst of Autumn now, and the weather has really turned. As a Melbournian, I am not going to complain about anything wet falling from the sky. The truth is that I don’t really mind the cooler weather, as long as we get some sun here and there. But the first really cold days always come as a bit of a shock to the system.

Fairy for Brittany

Here is a promised photo of the fairy I am going to start stitching – if my arm allows it. This is the first layer, the legs and the bottom wings, as well as Brittany’s Name. It is the front of a library bag.

The fairy will be needle turn, but I have used fusible web for Brittany’s name, which I will blanket stitch around. I can’t wait to pick up the needle and thread in front of the telly tonight.

I am going to jump on the bandwagon with a meme that Claire at Loobylu has started called “The Friday Archive”. Below is a look at a tiny wall hanging quilt I made a few years ago out of a little pack of charm squares that my lovely fellow stitcher friend Kylie gave to me. Each square is only 1 inch. It was made by sewing strips then cross cutting and rearranging them. It ties in with some emails I have been having with Lily. We have both admitted that the actual quilting part of a quilt is not our favourite part of the process.

Tiny Rose Garden Quilt

Because this one is so small, quilting it was actually fun, it was easy to move under the needle. It was my first go at free motion embroidery (if you don’t count experiments on scraps), after purchasing a suitable foot. I did circular roses formed by swirling the quilt in little circles.

Tiny Rose Garden Quilt Close-Up

I really like the effect, in spite of the fact that the stitch length varies a lot which is certainly not the done thing. This little piece of work brightens up the smallest room in the house.