My what big teeth you have…..


Here is a scary creature from my sketchbook, which will hopefully become a library bag for our friend Corey before too long.

Unfortunately I have been so busy lately that I have not had much sewing time. Also, holding me up is the fact that bluey greys are a little absent from my fabric stash. I have a small range of greys, but none that say “Shark”to me. My stash also seems deficient in the very dark, murky red (inside of mouth) department. I think a trip to the fabric store is in order sometime soon, probably when I can accomplish it with only one child in tow.

I am also wondering if this composition needs a poor little fish, called “Shark Bait” perhaps?

More Butterflies

Here is a look at some more Butterflies, also in preparation for a library bag.

Drawing is about all I can accomplish at the moment with three children at home.

Last week we had a day at home with a teachers strike, and now today it does not feel like the weekend, as Luke is at work slaving over a hot computer. Speaking of which, it is time to turn this one off, the youngest just woke up from her nap and the others have finished their colouring in.

Just call me the bag lady.

Today we spent the day with my good friend Rebecca, and her 5 children. She is an extremely busy lady who is the brains behind this website dedicated to larger families.

Rebecca has asked me if I could create a library bag for each of her children. They all have their own favourite colour (which are all different), which Rebecca has encouraged because it helps her keep track of their different belongings. So I am armed with that information, and some details about their favourite things.

I arrived home and started sketching (in the small amount of time before I had to produce dinner) and here is a page of butterflies.

Butterfly Sketch

I have been wanting to draw out some Butterflies for a while. Michaela will be moving from a cot into a bed soon, and I plan to put some on the Doona cover that I am going to make. I have a sheet with a Lavender coloured gingham print which I am going to . They also happen to be Brooke’s favourite thing (Rebecca’s youngest daughter).

So I have made a little start. More sketching will be needed before I start on drawing out an actual design, for either the doona or a library bag, but I like this page of angular butterflies. I am going to explore this look, I am having fun!