Why Matching Pegs?

Claire, December 2012

Hi.  My name is Claire.  There is really only one thing that I get slightly obsessive about – colour.

When I was young, I think I spent more time arranging my derwent pencils into interesting colour combinations, than actually using them to draw (although I did draw a lot).


The strangest way this obsession manifests itself, in my life now, is that I always hang up clothes on the washing line with matching pegs (clothes pins).  Not only do the pegs have to match each other, but also coordinate in a pleasing way with the garment I am hanging. It all started as a way of making the huge task of hanging washing for a young family of 5 into an interesting task.

In fact, washing is the only domestic chore that I am any good at, as I would always prefer sewing, creating and designing to cooking or cleaning.  Anyway, the peg thing is a pretty harmless habit to have, and not really that quirky – but it does amuse my friends.

I love choosing fabrics for projects almost as much as I like designing or sewing with them.  I have too many favourite colours to count, but most of them are warm.  If I really had to choose, Dusty Apple Green would probably be at the top of the list (notice how obsessively specific I can be about colour).



I now design sewing patterns under my label “Matching Pegs” and my patterns are distributed worldwide by my distributors Creative Abundance.  Ask for them in your local patchwork store.  If they don’t already stock them, they can easily order them through Creative Abundance.

I live in a leafy North Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Australia.  I met my husband at University, where we were both studying design. We have 2 daughters (youngest and oldest) and 1 son.  Life is good.

You can email me at… claire(at)matchingpegs(dot)com