Sewing and a cuppa really help

Garment Fabric
I’ve been pondering lately about the things that really lift my mood.  I’ve grappled with some very serious responsibilities for the past couple of years, that really tend to weigh me down.  I have had to adapt to make sure that I am looking after myself, so that I am better able to look after the people that need me.  I’ve realised the things that nourish me are really pretty simple.  Patchwork Fabrics, a harmonious bundle.
Creating things is a fundamental way that I pick myself up.  Ideally, I channel my energy into designing new things, but when I am really low, I find I just need to follow a pattern, (even if it is one I wrote).  I just need to make something.
Costume Fabrics
Recently my Mum and I took a day to visit three different fabric stores, as therapy really.  The top photo shows garment fabric I got at Rathdowne Remnants, the middle photos is of patchwork fabric I got at GJ’s, and the bottom photo is fabric I got at Darn Cheap Fabrics, and it is going to become a costume for my 40th in June.
Skirt and Leggings made by Claire of Matching Pegs
This is what I made using the fabric in the top photo: bespoke leggings, (made exactly to my measurements, and so comfy) and the A-Line Skirt (Pattern by the supremely talented and hard working, Nicole Mallalieu of You Sew Girl).  I used the Sunday afternoon of Mothers’ Day, and Monday, when I had all three children at home (and as a result couldn’t concentrate on any work) to make them, and I’m so pleased.
Shorts for Amelia
I recently whipped these up for Amelia too, from a pattern I drafted myself.   We are both pleased with the result, but I’m super envious. I wish I could get cute shorts out of only 1 metre of fabric! Please forgive the grainy, taken at dusk photos.
Applique Teapot designed and made by Matching PegsSharing a cuppa is another activity that really improves my outlook on life.  It doesn’t “fix” anything, but it makes any burdens seem a little lighter, and a little easier to bear.  I’ve been working on a design that reflects this idea, and I am delighted with how it is turning out.
Teacup applique designed and made by Matching Pegs
I’m finishing making it at the moment, and I am halfway through writing up the pattern.  I can’t wait to share it in it’s entirety.
Typing with Friends!
Other things that improve my mood are: music, chocolate, and communicating with friends-in-the-computer, (when I can’t catch up in person).
What about you, do you have tried and true mood lifters?

6 thoughts on “Sewing and a cuppa really help

  1. I have been soul searching about the very same thing! I have found creating to be my happy place too. I crochet a bit and have taken to keeping a project in the car and getting some done while I wait for kids etc. Music and reading are a real soul soother too. I’m glad you are finding the time to nourish yourself, Claire. xo

  2. Great to focus on the good things, the soothing, calming things, amid all the hard stuff. I love your new finishes, and I really love the cuppas. xx

  3. A cappachino with my friends…. a cup of tea or a shared pot of tea with my daughter.
    A piece of moist banana bread or date bread with butter.
    Stitching something that is a gift for someone.
    Riding my bike with friends on a sunny morning, well riding in any weather apart from headwind!!

  4. A (very belated) Happy 40th Claire! I wish I had remembered earlier. How can all that excitement be 40 years ago?
    My comfort things are also a cuppa with a friend, a good book to escape into and scones never go amiss either. xx

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