A Recap

Knitting Bag made by Matching Pegs
Back at the end of last year, I made a few gifts for the teachers, to thank them for teaching my kids, and I never got around to sharing them here.  The bag above was for Rory’s teacher, who loves to knit, and runs a knitting club once a week for interested students. I made her a bag that I hoped would be big enough to contain a project on-the-go, and any related yarn.  Rory helped choose the fabric and wrote a message to his teacher on the inside.  The loop was added for a quick handle or to hang it up, but a friend has since told me that it would be perfect to sling over your wrist to hold your yarn, while you are actually knitting.  What do you think, would you knit with a bag on your wrist?

Samosa Purse made by Matching Pegs
I made this for Michaela’s classroom teacher and filled it with chocolates.  It’s a Samosa Purse and I used a tutorial from Sew Mama Sew to make it, although I changed the proportions a little.  Michaela herself designed a present for her much loved teacher, which I think is totally adorable.Pencil Case designed by and 8 year old :: Matching Pegs
Michaela chose the fabrics, drew the bear and hand wrote the message inside.  Above you can see her master drawing, (the detailed drawing of the bear that we cut out was sightly more carefully drawn).  Both Rory and Michaela had teachers last year that had previously taught another of their siblings, so both teachers already had one of these stitcheries.
CG002 - Thank You for the Teacher :: Pattern by Matching Pegs
I really like making a fuss of the class teachers, they have a big impact of the welfare of our kids and I like to recognize that with personal presents. (If you would like to make one of these stitcheries for your child’s teacher, you can read more about the pattern here, or purchase it here).
Samosa Purse made by Matching Pegs
I was somewhat at a loss as to what to give the teachers at my eldest daughter’s school.  This was her first year of high school, so she had quite a few teachers.  I settled on giving just her home room teacher another Samosa Purse, filled with chocolates.  Amelia was happy with this plan, and she helped me pick out a lot of the fabrics we used.  It was a great use of small scraps.
So, that’s my recap of presents made at the end of last year.
I’m curious knitters, can you tell me what you think of my knitting project bag?  I’m thinking of writing a tutorial for it, but have no idea about how useful it would be.  Please let me know what you think in the comments…

5 thoughts on “A Recap

  1. I love the knitting bag and I think the strap is genius. It’s great when you knit at a table or even on the couch when curious kitties want to eat the wool.

  2. Lovely gifts! (Although I have to admit, I’m quite glad not to have to worry about teacher gifts anymore!) The knitting bag is great, not sure I would like to knit with a bag hooked over my wrist, but the size and shape of it is perfect for storing knitting projects.
    R x

  3. I too love the samosa pouch of sew mama sew. However, I am at a complete stand still on step #13. Just can’t work through it. Can u help?


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