Colours that Delight

Pretty scraps
I’ve been cracking on with making a new quilt that I’m fabulously happy with.  Even the scrappy little pile of trimmed edges looks delightful to me.  It’s the colours you see, a successful colour combination never fails to excite and enchant me.
Freshly cut squares ready for piecing.
This colour combo is a cracker.  Small piles of these fabrics have been waiting in a clear zip-lock bag for months, waiting until I had the time to embark on a new quilt.  Yay, how wonderful it feels to start a new project!
Just quietly, I have a whole other bag full of cuts of fabric that are going to become an alternative-colour-way version of this quilt.  I’m pretty thrilled with that colour combo too, but shh, this one is my favourite.  I’m always in love with colours that you could describe as sunset inspired.  The colours are a lot like those in Michaela’s Sunset Quilt that I finished back in 2010.
Michaela's Sunset Quilt
This photo doesn’t capture the colours precisely enough, it looks a little cooler here than it is in person.
Aqua "Hope is a thing of Feathers" Stitchery with Cottage Garden Threads
Here you can see my “Hope is a Thing of Feathers” stitchery, (being worked in “peacock” (1201) stranded thread by Cottage Garden Threads) which is almost completed.  I was sitting in the car, waiting for one of my children, when I realised that my nails and my coat matched it, (not to mention my iphone and water bottle, which were also on hand).  Do you do that that too, discover that you have made more than just your clothing match?
Amelia Zombie
We don’t celebrate Halloween here.  There are not that many families that do in Australia, and we are not among them, however Amelia’s Taekwondo class was encouraged to come in (loose) costume for a bit of fun.  This is what Amelia and I came up with – Zombie child.  No one knocked on our door last night, even though I was prepared with some mini-chocolate bars, so they were all for us.
Did you do anything for Halloween?

4 thoughts on “Colours that Delight

  1. I love those colours, they look extra fab. We had no trick or treaters this year either so I ate the lollies waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

  2. Beautiful quilt, Claire, those are very much your colours!
    Here in the UK more people do celebrate Halloween, but not me! When I was a child there was no such thing as trick or treating, but the American influence has crept in steadily over the last 20 years or so and it has become a very commercialised affair. Luckily my kids aren’t interested either, so we simply shut the curtains and stay cosy inside!
    R x

  3. Hi Claire

    We don’t Halloween here. Our kids have grown up and flown the coop. However, I believe that my daughter in law dressed up the kids and they went trick and treating in their neighbourhood.

    Love the fabric.


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