Tiny BodiceThis is the total amount of sewing I did in September.  It was a rough month, (inside a generally painful year).  I wish I could tell you why.  In “real”, non-internet life I would probably tell you, because I’m a real sharer, but it’s not my story to tell, and I have no business putting it out there on the internet.  I know these cryptic posts in blog land often turn out to be marriages on the rocks, or nasty terminal illnesses, and I can safely say that it is neither of those things.  Someone in my family needed my every waking hour, and while I missed sewing, creating and blogging, family always comes first and I have no regrets on that score.
Crafty Hijinks
I did manage to make it to the fabulous bloggy meetup, “Crafty Hijinks” in Ballarat in September, which was a much needed day off to spend with lots of like minded crafters.  Thanks to Jodie and Gillian for organising it!
Tricky Diagram
Now that life has settled down a little, I’m back on my sewing machine and my computer trying to make up for lost time.  Like so many other bloggers, in-between posts you can find me on Instagram.  I’m often bemoaning the complexities of drawing comprehensible Illustrator diagrams, (the one above is the most complex diagram I’ve ever attempted, and I’m rather pleased with it) or extolling the virtues of chocolate, my addiction of choice.

On Instagram I’m matchingpegs, you can find me here.


3 thoughts on “September

  1. Hi Claire
    Glad you are okay now. I think I understand where you’ve had to be and I wish everyone well.
    It was good you could make it to Crafty HiJinks. Jodie is an absolute scream. I’ve done a couple of classes with her as well as becoming an accidental pattern tester for her when she was trying to get Jude and Eloise out there. A really fun person to be around : it would have done you a world of good to spend time with her and the other bloggers.

  2. Sorry you’ve been having a tough year, sending lots of good vibes your way. The crafty meet up must have been fun, glad you found some time for yourself! You have managed more sewing than me in September (or August too, for that matter, I haven’t stitched a thing for over 2 months!!)
    R xxx

  3. Hi there ,
    Can i still reach you here from this site
    I need to ask you about the “Ivy Pelargonium “Royal Night””
    Can you please email me…

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