Fairy Dolly

Fairy Dolly PrototypeMeet wonky little Miss Fairy Dolly.  She’s a prototype that is in need of a few tweaks. If I was clever enough, there would be a whole back story about her life and personality*, but in the interests of actually posting something, you will have to meet her, sans story.Fairy Dolly prototype
I can see all the things I am going to change about her, but one thing that I’m super pleased with is her bubble dress.  It’s so bubbly that it’s practically effervescent.  Her rainbow hair was tricky. Although I like it, it was hard to hide the stitching that attaches it to her head, so a less variegated yarn might be better next time.  I’m already started on her cousin, the slightly less wonky Fairy, I’m hoping that you will be able to meet her soon…
*(Perhaps you can come up with the back story of wonky Miss Fairy Dolly).

2 thoughts on “Fairy Dolly

  1. I don’t know about a fairy backstory, but I do like the design. There would have to be lots of little girls who would love their own fairy. And as for the hair, I reckon it looks okay.

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