Michaela decided yesterday that she desperately wanted to embroider a panda.  She came to me with her drawing, all ready to go.  Usually I would just scan her drawing, scale it to fit in the hoop, and trace over the lines in Illustrator to create a pattern.  The scanner has been a bit temperamental lately, so I explained that I would redraw it in Illustrator, as closely as possible.

After recovering from the disappointment of hearing that she would not be able to operate Illustrator by herself, (it took me years to teach myself) she started directing me.  She decided to leave out the eyelashes, and after looking at some pictures of real Pandas, she decided to make the face and the black-eye-surrounds more oval in shape.
She worked out her own colour plan and has chosen all of her floss.  Now she just wants me to release a pattern!
If I design some more “Hoop Faces”, what do you think I should add to the collection?

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