Felt Blossoms

6 Felt Blossoms Are you ready to get crafty with felt?  This is my newest pattern, a Creative Card “Felt Blossoms”, (which will retail in Patchwork stores for as little as $6) which is making it’s way to stores as we speak.  The pattern features really clear illustrations, that make whipping up a few of these blossoms very simple.  You may find it hard to stop at just one.
Michaela, June 2008, with the prototype "Felt Blossoms" Hairclip.
Looking through my archive I discovered that I first designed these clips in June 2008.  In this photo above, Michaela is wearing the prototype.  She is not quite 3 years old, awwwwwww.   After making several hair clips that were more generic flowers, I decided that I wanted to design one inspired by the Cherry Blossom.  The bottom-right hair clip, in the top photo, (and on the cover of the Creative Card) is the same clip that I made back then. Lilac "Felt Blossom" Hairclip by Matching Pegs
I have made so many of these for presents, that I have lost count.  They are a great hand-made addition to any store bought present.  I’ve made all of my “Felt Blossoms” with 100% wool felt, most of which is from Winterwood, who sell online.  The other ingredient you need to get your hands on are hair clips like these…
Teardrop shaped Metal Snap Clip with a hole in the end
I bought these in a pack from Spotlight quite some time ago.  Clips like these are listed under a myriad of names online, you may already have some in your house.  The pattern illustrates how to sew them onto the blossom, through the hole. If you only had clips without the hole, I think that you could use some improvisational sewing to find a way to attach them, (or perhaps you could resort to the hot glue gun).
The Creative card looks like this…
"Felt Blossoms" Creative Card (Pattern) designed by Matching Pegs, distributed by Creative Abundance
If you would like to try making one of these, and your patchwork shop does not stock my patterns, you can politely ask them to get one in for you.  If you mention that there are no minimums on orders from my friendly distributors, Creative Abundance, they might be more willing, (in other words, if they wanted to, they could order in one pattern only, just for you).  Otherwise, you can find my patterns at one of the retailers listed under “My Patterns and Stockists” on the top-right of my blog.  “Under the Mulberry Tree” stocks all of them.

Have you been making anything with felt recently?

4 thoughts on “Felt Blossoms

  1. Ahhhhh, the sneak peek makes sense now. Just love these. I hope that Emma will get a few of the cards in, because these are an awesome stocking filler / little something gift.
    I love Winterwood’s felt. I got to see lots of it at Urban Stitches back in March. I have a stash of other felt I need to deal with first, but will definitely be getting some of it as the colours are just magnificent and the hand feel is blissful.

    • Hi Robyn, I don’t think Emma stocks any of my patterns. I think she is limiting what she orders because the shop is on the market. If you wanted her to get some in for you though, it would be really easy for her to add them to any other Creative Abundance orders she makes.
      I think we are all drawn to the felt at this time of year, brrrr!

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