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Needle turned Heart Applique

I have created very little recently, but this is one ‘finish’ that I managed.  This baby top is made of a lovely wool/cotton blend, that felt so soft and warm, but it was crying out for a simple embellishment.  I needle-turn-appliqued on the heart.
Outfit for a baby shower.The coordinating pants have a very sweet little ruffle across the bum.  The baby is yet to arrive, but I finished these for the baby shower, which was a festival of pink, and sugar, and a lot of fun.
Paper Tardis and Chocolate Hearts
I had a quiet Mother’s day, with a morning at home, and an afternoon with the rest of  my family, at my parents.  The kids all gave me lovely presents, with special mention going to Amelia, who put in a lot of work on her hand-crafted Tardis, (a vehicle for chocolate delivery).Watching Dr Who, on home made beanbags, and under home made quilts
The kids have recently been introduced to the viewing pleasure of Dr Who, and love to watch it in their ‘Grandma-made’ beanbags, under their ‘Mum-made’ quilts.
Dyson DC29
In completely unrelated news, our new Dyson DC29 vacuum cleaner arrived this morning, and it will never look this clean again!
James Dyson has impressed me from the beginning.  I remember discussing him whilst studying for my Industrial Design degree, and the way he doggedly worked at perfecting his design, when no one was interested in funding him.  Luke and I were very early adopters, purchasing a DC02 as poor newlyweds, straight out of Uni.  It was a pretty big financial decision at the time.
Dyson DC02 DeStijl
Our old machine happened to be a funky looking ‘DeStijl” model, inspired by the Dutch artistic movement of the early 20th century.  By far the best thing about it was that it enabled me to manage my allergy to dust mites, as I could vacuum them out of our soft furnishings, without sneezing myself silly at the same time.
Dyson have now decided to stop manufacturing the replaceable filters for these early machines, but have impressed me again, this time with their service, and commitment to the environment.  Because we can no longer buy the filters, they traded in our old machine, for $200 off a new one, and an automatic 5 year warranty, instead of the usual 2 years.  We posted off the old one (reply payed by Dyson) to Sydney, where it will be taken apart for recycling.  If you own a DC01 or DC02, you can read more about it here.  Dyson vacuums are a great reminder that good Industrial design is about function and beauty, and can be found in all kinds of ordinary objects.
The Yarra river
Finally, the beauty of nature, Melbourne’s beloved Yarra river, “the river that runs upside down”.  Mum and I took a quick fortifying walk along it’s banks yesterday afternoon, as the sun was actually shining and it had been a particularly hard day.  It really lifted our spirits.  It has been a favourite place in my family, since I was a small child, and occasionally, (if you are quiet, and lucky) you can spot a platypus or two.

One thought on “This and That

  1. Hi Claire
    Good old muddy! It’s always nice to have a head clearing walk along its edge.
    I too have a Dyson. I’ve had it around 8 years. With three indoor cats, you can imagine what it picks up, and it does it better than anything, without spilling bits of fine dirt back into the room, as you are well aware.
    Amelia’s TARDIS is awesome and it is fabulous that they enjoy the programme. It is so family friendly as I don’t think I’ve ever heard a blue word out of the mouths of any character in decades of watching.
    Stay well, stay strong.

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