Colour and Movement

Felt Offcuts in beautiful coloursI’ve had the felt out again, which seems the perfect choice for the cooler weather, and as an antidote to days that are starting to become more grey.  I love to keep the tiny offcuts, like precious jewels.  In the past I have put these offcuts into clear glass Christmas ornaments, but these may end up in a tiny jar.  I will share the project  I have been working on soon…
Glitter Nailpolish and M&M's
I must admit that I have really needed the simple pleasure of beautiful colour to help cheer me.  Last week I reached for the “disco ball” glitter nail-polish and M&M’s as an injection of “bright and happy”.  There is definitely something to be said for enjoying the small and simple pleasures, when times are tough.
Rory came 2nd in the 3km cross country race at school
This week I have spent a lot of time up at the primary school for “Education Week”, which involves lots of activities that parents and friends can be involved in.  Yesterday I was at a local park to cheer on my son as he ran 3 km (1.86 miles) with all the other boys in his age group, over a very hilly, cross-country course.  He came 2nd!  Rory just loves to run, and I was so proud of him.  I also spent time playing the “Echo Cello” with Michaela’s class for a while.  It was fabulous fun playing these strange instruments made of bits and pieces, and played with violin bows.
Running Pouch prototype
After all the excitement I returned to the running theme again when I spent the remainder of the afternoon prototyping a running case for a friend’s phone.  She is running in the Mother’s Day Classic, a run to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, this weekend.  She wanted a simple case to allow her to carry her phone, so that it sits in the small of her back.  She only wants it “in case of emergency” and hopes that she will not need to access it while running.  Ann-Marie did a run previously, in steep terrain, and came across someone who had fallen and broken their leg, far from medical help, so running with a phone is important to her.  I still have some improvements to make, so prototype 2 is the next order of business.
What are you making at the moment?

One thought on “Colour and Movement

  1. Hi Claire
    Sorry things haven’t been the best, but this week must be picking up! Congrats to your lad on his achievement. I reckon I’d be dead after 100 metres!
    Your pouch idea is awesome and I hope it works out really well for you and your friend.
    I’m cutting up fabric at the moment to make Emma and Pam Jansen’s Liberty Stars quilt. I’m going to a retreat in June and I think this will be my project. I’ve decided to make a large queen size, so there is lots of cutting to do! Instead of getting the metreage that was suggested in the pattern, I’ve gone through my stash – seeing its all fabric from Emma’s shop, Ballarat Patchwork – and selected about 32 fat 1/4s for the stars, and I bought 5.8 metres of white on white for the background. It all has to be chopped up into little squares that are then cut into triangles. Lots and lots of cutting going on here. I have to take a break after a bit as the arthritis in my hands makes long sessions too uncomfortable.
    Anyway, have fun with your new project.

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