New applique designs

Feather Applique designed by Matching PegsI’m still here, but boy the school holidays sure slow my creative output to a trickle.
I’m still not over my fascination with feathers, and so here is a little fusible applique I have designed, which I have put onto yet another super simple drawstring backpack.
Super simple drawstring backpack, with feather applique.  Designed by Matching Pegs
These bags are so quick to whip up, with 50cms (or 1/2 yard) of fabric and some herringbone tape (also called cotton ribbon, or twill tape) or grosgrain ribbon.  A pattern will be forthcoming soon, but I am working on a range of appliques to go with the construction instructions.
Ingredients to make a backpack with a pixelated rocket applique.
This is my space invader inspired, pixelated rocket.  It’s quite tough to come up with motifs that are not too young, because I think that this bag is perfect for an older child, especially those that have to carry their sports uniforms to school to get changed.Finally I have cut out the pieces to make a skirt
In other creative news, I have taken the entire school holidays to cut out one simple A-line skirt.  I’m using Nikki’s fabulous You Sew Girl pattern, and have high hopes for a successful garment on completion.  It is not really surprising that it has taken so long, I have been busy with holiday trips to the Zoo, multiple parks, IMAX (to see Flight of the Butterflies in 3D, which was great) the swimming pool, and various friend’s houses.

Frankly, I’m impressed that I have made it through these school holidays with my sanity and good humor intact, given that I have a lot of stressful things that are happening in the background, and school holidays mean I am never on my own.  I am more than a little keen to get back into the routine of the school term, but I have enjoyed some very lovely days with the kids.  What about you, how do you cope with that never-on-your-own feeling?

2 thoughts on “New applique designs

  1. Hi Claire
    My three flew the coop years ago, but recently my husband gave up his job for the frightening prospect of self employment, which meant I am now The Girly in the Office (at almost 53, that sounds ridiculous!).
    So, apart from when he hits the road to visit clients and the potential ones, I am never alone 24/7, and to boot, my crafting time has gone from all the time I wanted to zilch! Damn!
    Still, it is really nice to have him around and he’s really happy. I just have to get used to the transition.
    Your activities sound like they were fun for the kids. I have four granddaughters and I know that my DIL loves to keep the older three very busy with all sorts of activities. If they aren’t out and about, she has them doing crafty activities or just plain Playing Outside, which seems so underrated these days.
    Monday is back to normal for you. Enjoy. And make sure that next week you can get out for some quiet ‘me’ time with some mates. The quiet of the house will not be good for you all at once. I know.

  2. I stay up way too late, nearly every night, to get my alone time. It is not a good solution, I know that tiredness makes me short tempered and forgetful, but I find it so hard to go to bed when the house is finally all quiet and the sewing machine, computer or a book is beckoning.

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