Trauma and Stress

Tiny Robot fabric
It has been two weeks since I last posted.  Two weeks of trauma and stress and upheaval for my family of origin.  The trauma that I have been dealing with is not one that I want to talk about here, except to say that it has had me so upset and heartbroken that I have not been able to even look at anything crafty or creative.  That is why I have been absent from Matching Pegs.  Today I have taken a tiny little step toward making something, and that something is inspired by these adorable little robots.  This fabric has been part of my stash for years, a hoarded treasure waiting for exactly this project.
Tiny Robot Fabric
Crafting is generally my therapy, and it gets me through most of the average stresses of life, but it is hard to craft when you feel anxious and helpless.  When I am too upset to craft, I turn to reading.  I love to read anyway, but I make sure that I have something to read in the evenings that is escapist (but not trashy) so that I will not spend hours tossing and turning with worry before going to sleep.  I read so that I can fall asleep thinking about the plot, and save my worrying for the waking hours.
Hope is a thing of Feathers by Matching Pegs WIP
I have been continuing to work on my feather stitchery occasionally, and I’m pretty happy with how it is going.  The message of hope on it is a good reminder, in a time when it is hard to be optimistic.
So this post is a step in the right direction for me, in an effort to care for myself, but the painful times are not over.  I will be here in my “happy place” when I can, and when I am not tied up with being needed elsewhere.  Thanks for being part of my happy place.

5 thoughts on “Trauma and Stress

  1. That does not sound like fun. Wishing a speedy departure to the anxiety and stressful events. ‘Gone Girl’ is an engrossing and not trashy read, and a lot of fun too. And I confess that in times of stress I’m inclined to turn to trashy romances for light relief (though they don’t provide thought provoking plots to keep your mind off other dramas…)

    • Thanks Julie,
      I will look up ‘Gone Girl’.
      I have been known to read fairly lightweight historical romances, but I get frustrated if they are complete fluff. I also enjoy fantasy, but only well written ones. When I feel like I do at the moment, I mainly want to avoid reading anything contemporary that remind me of my worries, and both History and Fantasy feel like safe territory in that respect. When I am really fragile, I just re-read old favourites, mainly books by Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay and Diana Gabaldon.

  2. Hi Claire
    Hopefully you will be over this trauma soon. It is so hard when you care! Make sure that your immediate family are okay, and take some quality time for yourself.
    Hopefully sunnier times are ahead sooner rather than later.
    BTW, love the robots! 🙂

    • Thanks Robyn,
      I am definitely aware that I need to pace myself, and look after my health and sanity, and to try and keep my immediate family ticking along. I’m trying to be as sensible as I can, and recognize what I can and can’t control, given the circumstances.
      Thanks for your good wishes.

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