A New Hope

My new stitchery - the stitching has startedTa-Da!   I’m pretty impressed with my work so far on my new stitchery, and, as predicted, a large part of the delight is just in seeing how the colours turn out.  I have chosen to work the central “Hope” in “Nutmeg – 304” from the Cottage Garden Threads range.  If you are interested in the colours available in this range, you can see them here. I brought all my threads from Erica at “Under the Mulberry Tree“, so if you are interested in the particular colours that I am using, I know they are in stock there.Stitching has started on my new stitchery.  Chain stitch and Straight stitch

I wanted a variety of line widths in this design, so I have worked the outline of “Hope” in chain stitch, which is a first for me.  The “ladder rungs” in-between are just straight stitch, and I expect to be busting out the usual back stitch, in both a single thread and 2 threads as I work my way around the design.  I predict there will be a fair amount of television and cups of tea consumed by the time I finish this, and I expect the weather will be much more suitable for evening stitching by the time the finish line is in sight.  It feels faintly ridiculous to be stitching and sweltering.

Do you put away the cosy sorts of crafts while summer heat bears down on you?

*PS Geeks (like me) will recognise the title as the “first” of the Star Wars films, (number 4) which has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it did make me smile.

One thought on “A New Hope

  1. I cannot knit in the warmer months, so I save it for winter evenings. I can’t bind quilts in the winter months, as it encourages the cats to sit on my lap if I do them in the evening by the glow of the telly.
    I love your design and I’m sure you are going to be even more pleased with how it is coming along by the time you get to the home stretch.
    Nice work!

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