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Back to School 2013Do you ever feel like you are running on the spot; in a frantic hurry, but not getting anywhere?  The past week has felt a little like that, but exciting at the same time.  All the kids started school for 2013, last Thursday, but for Amelia it was a really big day, as her first day of High School.  There has been lots to learn, remember and experience, and not just for her, but the rest of us as well.  Our routines have had to change to accommodate the earlier departure for her in the morning, and the fact that she is now catching a public bus and heading in the opposite direction (literally) from her siblings.Personalising Amelia's art apronThere has been a bit of back-to-school crafting going on to prepare for High School.  Amelia chose a fabric and font to monogram her standard issue art apron, which is a serviceable, but uninspiring grey.  We are both pretty happy with it.Quick Drawstring backpack sports bag

I whipped up a quick drawstring backpack to hold Amelia’s sports gear, complete with lovely, neat french seams, (just like Michaela’s dance bag which you can see here).  We decided to use some fabric that Amelia has been saving, featuring the motif-of-the-moment, feathers.  Feathers seem to be everywhere on Pinterest, and seem to be the next step from putting-a-bird-on-it.  I must admit to being a fan of them myself (pun intended).

Amelia is not allowed to wear her sports uniform to school, but has to get changed just for those lessons, so this bag will spend most of its time inside her larger school bag.  I am thinking of writing a simple pattern for this bag, (probably as part of a 3-in-1 pattern containing other designs as well) and I was wondering how many other kids have the same rules?  Would you be inclined to make a bag like this for your child for sport, dance, martial arts or sleepovers?

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  1. My boys went to an independent school and the only uniform they were allowed to wear to and from school was their official school uniform. If they were going off somewhere to play, then they would change at school and get on the bus and be back before the end of the day and collected/bussed/walk home in the sanctioned uniform.
    It’s not a bad rule.
    I love your sports bag idea. It’s really good, and the apron is very nice and stylish. Grey might not be everyone’s colour, but it is serviceable and it looks smart. Good on both of you! 🙂

  2. Thanks Robyn,
    Yes, it was the same for me growing up too, but several of the schools in our area (including at least one private one) seem to have a variety of policies that allow their students to wear the sports uniform outside of school, which surprised me.

  3. Amelia just looks so lovely heading off to high school. It’s funny how they can change from being the big confident grade sixers to suddenly looking slightly nervous and young again as year sevens.

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