Stitching on the Seashore

Hand Piecing my "Wheel of Fortune" Quilt, on the beach

For the past week, the Matching Pegs family enjoyed one of the most relaxing holidays we have even had, (post kids).  We stayed in a luxury cabin here, and the kids took advantage of every activity/facility on offer in the park.  Every morning at 9am the kids disappeared for a while to enjoy some craft, while Luke and I sat and enjoyed a cuppa and each-others company.  We had several forays to different beaches, and other local attractions, but mostly I was pretty passive, sitting and reading, or stitching additional diamonds to my “Wheel Of Fortune Quilt”, while watching the rest of my family in more active pursuits.

In the lead up to our departure, I had 3 days in bed with fevers and chills, brought about by tonsillitis, and while I felt a lot better by the time we departed, I was still very tired, so lolling about was just the recuperation that I needed.  It was an added bonus that the bed in our cabin was the best I have ever slept in, away from home.Lego Nicholson Street

Prior to the holiday, while I was huddled in bed, I missed a long anticipated event, the “Lego Brickvention“.  The rest of the family (and my BIL who used my ticket) went along, and Rory took over 400 photos to share the event with Elvis Helitanker

I was most impressed with the Lego replica of the Erickson S-64 Air-Crane helicopter,(Helitanker) nicknamed “Elvis” which is used to fight fires, (water-bombing) each fire season here in Victoria, and for obvious reasons is held in great affection by the people who live here.

At the end of this week, the kids start the school year.  This week will be taken up with getting-ready-for-school activities, and next week I will return to my usual crafting adventures.

Do you ever sew on the beach, or am I the only one to combine such diverse activities?

4 thoughts on “Stitching on the Seashore

  1. I have taken stuff with me when I travel. I can’t do it in the car/plane/train/boat as I suffer from motion sickness. I have done stitcheries in Beijing, Shijiazhuong, and Suva. But, I’ve never tried to craft on the beach. I guess it’s the sand.
    I look forward to your photos of the finished quilt. And, good luck with getting the kids away to school. Two of our granddaughters are now schoolies – one about to begin prep and the older one is about to start grade 2. Their younger sister begins 3yo kinda in another week, while their mum has to juggle their drop offs and pick ups with a three week old baby in tow. I admire her immensely.

  2. Hi Claire. The photos from the Lego Brickvention look amazing. They were so lucky to have been able to go along and enjoy it. I’m sorry to hear that you missed it, but you seem to have recovered from your mystery illness.

    I am faultless and therefore have no quirky habits. Unforutnately this perfection gene does not run through my family. My sister has been known to knit on the beach, in meetings, whilst watching television and goodness knows where else. So never fear, you are not alone.

    Hope the kids have a great start to the school year, Love Barb xx

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