Crafty Afternoon

Sock Puppet made by MichaelaYesterday we had a crafty afternoon at our place, with 8 kids and three adults.  I was having so much fun that it didn’t occur to me to document it with a camera, but you can see what Michaela made (with a little bit of help).  There was a lot of crafting with felt, which is a pretty perfect medium for kids to work with, because it doesn’t fray and can be easily hand stitched.   There was also a little bit of crochet, embroidery, and t-shirt altering, (using my nifty tutorial).Ugg Boot Repair with a felt heartThe previous evening I had done some felt crafting of my own.  While it was as seasonally inappropriate as my previous post, I decided to take the time to repair the toe hole in my Ugg boots because I actually have time for little jobs like this in the summer holidays.  The hole was in the boot you can see on the left, and I decided to match the heart on the other toe, because it too was wearing thin.Ugg Boot repair with a felt heart - up close.

I used some quite thick felt that I had, and some ordinary sewing machine thread.  As simple as it looks to sew, it was actually a little tricky, as the sheepskin is difficult to pierce, and the sole tends to get in the way as you sew close to it.  I used a thimble on both hands (one inside the boot).  I am not sure how durable my repair will be, but I figured that trying to repair them was better than wearing Uggs with holes in them.

What is the strangest repair that you have made?

4 thoughts on “Crafty Afternoon

  1. soon as I saw those uggs I had to laugh – that is where they always go. I hate doing repairs and usually put them off for ridiculously long times. Months will go past before I get round to even simple things like sewing a hem or stitching on a button.

  2. my ugg just recently gotten a whole in the toe… ive only had them for FOUR months i kinda think thats a little ridicoulous and id like to get an exchange for a new pair but the thing is my boyfriend had gotten them for me and idk i kinda feel like that would be wrong he got them those are the ones he got so idk what to do i dont have all that stuff just to cover it up but they still look brand new its just that hole.. i kinda think they are defective ….

  3. Hey! I have these same boots and this exact same issue!! I need a repair! This is so cute…..what did you use for the hearts?

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