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Hand knitted, 2x2 rib, Rainbow scarf Right after Christmas I finished this beautiful Rainbow scarf, a longer sister for this one that I finished back in July.  This one, for Amelia, is about 2.1m long, and made with a 2×2 rib with 58 stitches, on 5mm needles (US8).  The yarn is a a 50/50 composition of Wool and Acrylic, and is a Moda Vera brand called “Fern” from Spotlight, (Moda Vera is an in-house brand).  It took just one (very large)  ball.  Michaela’s one was only 1.7m long, and made with garter stitch.Amelia's Rainbow Scarf (finished in summer)

It took me a long time to knit, as I put it aside while I was getting my patterns ready for release in recent months.  As a result I have finished the scarf in an entirely inappropriate season, hence the lovely, but ridiculous photo above, of a person wearing summer clothes and a winter scarf.  The weather has become considerably hotter since I finished the scarf, and as a result my nemesis, carpal tunnel syndrome, has returned to plague me.  Unfortunately, I will not be doing any handwork for a while, until the worst of summer is behind us.  Thankfully I can still sew on a machine, if I don’t overdo it.Home made pencil caseYesterday, Amelia and I made this home made pencil case, with two of her favourite fabrics.  We even designed it to have a tag for her name sticking out the side, and she is very pleased with the result.Inside view of the home made pencil case.She ladder-stitched up the lining herself, learning a new skill.  So now it is full of new stationary, ready for her first day of high-school at the end of the month.Fantastic Pencil Sharpener by Faber CastellSpeaking of new stationary, the kids and I went on a hunt the other day, through all the relevant stores in the local shopping centre, for this exact pencil sharpener.  Everyone in our house draws, lots.  Consequentially, we seem to be the house where pencil sharpeners go to die, as very few seem to be up to the task of working in our house.  This pencil sharpener, by Faber Castell, seemed to be the exception.  I had one that was never allowed to leave my desk, in case it disappeared, but we managed to track them down in order to buy them for the other members of the family.  We found them where we didn’t expect them, in Coles (the supermarket).  So now we can all stay sharp.

Does anyone else get obsessed with the perfect pencil sharpener?  Perhaps you have another tool you obsess over?

6 thoughts on “Inappropriate Crafting

  1. I love stationery! I often like to wander around Officeworks. I know I shouldn’t admit this, but it is a guilty pleasure! Like you I have treasured stationery items – my big obsession for ages being gel pens : lots of them in a rainbow or more of colours. I found the fine points dried up quickly and were scratchy, but the thicker ones were a dream to write with.
    As for the pencil sharpener, I hear what you are saying there! The only (expensive) alternative is a desktop model. I am pleased though that you have found the article that does the job.
    Good luck with the carpel tunnel. It sucks!

  2. Love the pencil case, such gorgeous fabric. I also find that pencil sharpeners just can’t stay sharp in our house and even that exact one that you feature, which we have had, has met it’s demise. I don’t know why -are my girls secretly sharpening wires or something? I went so far as to do an online search once for recommendations and MAN people take their pencil sharpeners seriously.

  3. Officeworks is my lolly shop (well actually, one of many). I can never come out with my hands empty; there are so many things for organising my desk and craftroom. But I do hear you about the perfect sharpener. Something in my psyche says that I have to have the most pointed pencils at all times. Unfortunately most of our sharpeners seem to end up with the socks…. I tend to buy the plain metal ones, brandname unknown, possibly FaberCastell. They are messy to use but stay sharp forever (assuming they don’t get lost). The one that come with fancy casings usually have rubbish blades. Barb xx

  4. Hello, I have just come across your page whilst searching a long time for the perfect rainbow scarf for myself. I found it, complete with the type of texture I so desire, but you made it…. And I am afraid I cannot knit! Would you consider making or selling…l the EXACT scarf abive for a reasonable price please? I am not sure where you are located. The girl in the photo looks great I think and it is funny but a scarf with summer clothes and jeans is how I dress In a Qld Autum, and Winter? 🙂
    Would you please let me know? Please contact me.
    Many thanks, Suzanne

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