Move along…nothing new to see here

A peek at a invizable zip diagram that I drew

Here is a little peek at what I have been doing every single day this week.  After about 4 years on the learning curve, drawing diagrams on Illustrator is something that I have become pretty good at, (modest aren’t I).  In the past week I have drawn diagrams that visually explain many of the different techniques for needle turn applique; the stitch, outer points, inner points, clipping and “off-the-block” applique.  What you see here is part of a series of 4 diagrams that illustrate how to install an invisible zip.  Just drawing the actual zip took me several hours, but now I can use it over and over.test print of Matching Pegs patternsMore test prints arrived of the first 4 complete, shop-ready patterns.  The 2 additional patterns I have finished writing up this week just need covers.  It is all pretty exciting to me, but probably not to you, dear readers, as you have seen all this stuff before.

At least, once the patterns turn up in stores you can say, “I knew her when she just wrote this little blog and revealed her crazy peg-matching habits to the world”.

Are you super excited about anything that everyone else finds unremarkable?

6 thoughts on “Move along…nothing new to see here

  1. thats why you are the designer and I buy patterns!!

    Im excited as I have found another riding event to go in. This time I get to ride with Cadel and maybe make it into the guiness book of records!!

  2. It feels really good when you can “master” a technique. When you first start and feel all-thumbs, you think you’ll never get there. As a child you probably don’t think about it much, but as an “accomplished” adult, it feels quite strange – that’s how I feel anyway with some new software.

    Everything looks amazing Claire, I especially love the butterflies on the black background.

    • Thanks Barbara!

      I also feel like a beginner with tennis – I have been learning how to play, after playing badminton as a young’un, and it is quite different!

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