Speedy Applique

Fusible Machine Applique by Matching Pegs

Needle-turn applique is my first love, but when you are trying to create quick samples, to demonstrate alternative colour combinations, then nothing beats the speedy method of fusible, raw-edge machine applique.Quick fusible machine raw-edge applique "All A Flutter" by Matching Pegs

The past week and a half has been extremely stressful at our house, with a situation arising that none of us expected.  It has now been resolved, and the outcome is pretty good, but it was a roller coaster that we would have preferred not to be on.  Sewing around pretty shapes has been a therapy that was particularly calming, and just what I needed when I was too caught up in the “what-ifs” in my head.

What craft technique is your therapy of choice?

6 thoughts on “Speedy Applique

  1. Knitting is my therapeutic craft . I don’t knit much so perhaps my stress levels aren’t high enough…..
    Hand sewing too, is relaxing. Applique would be low on my list, I’m terrible at it.

    • Yes, knitting is pretty relaxing, as long as I don’t drop a stitch, because I am pretty terrible at recovering it. I am not the worlds most exciting knitter, but enjoy making scarves and hand-warmers.

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