Short Cut

Amelia's new haircut

Amelia has a new look!  The hairdresser talked her out of it the first time, and refused to go this short, cutting a length that, from the front, still looked like a chin length bob.   I was pretty cross that she essentially bullied Amelia into settling, with talk of how much she would cry if she changed her length too dramatically in one hit.

Another view of Amelia's new haircut

We went back a week later for a re-cut, to get the style she was after all along.  She is thrilled, and I think it looks fantastic.  It is such a departure from the hair she has had for years (bobs of different lengths – you can see it long here).

Amelia in Meerkat pose

She is not that fond of posing for the camera, but this pose is sure to bring a natural smile to her face.  We call it the Meerkat.

This cut is somewhat of a blast from the past for me, reminding me of the “Sliding Doors” cut I had about 14 years ago.  Suddenly Amelia looks more like me – the newly married me that decided to get my hair cut on a whim.

Have you had a cut on a whim lately?

4 thoughts on “Short Cut

  1. It looks great. I think it is the test of a good hair dresser to see if they will cut long hair short. An awful lot of them seem really afraid to do it.

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