Snowy River Damask

"Snowy River Damask" digital fabric from "Lila Ruby King" etsy shop

A little while ago I mentioned some really beautiful fabric that I had ordered from an etsy seller in Greece.  Lila Ruby King is an Australian designer and maker, based in Athens.  This fabric that she designed is called “Snowy River Damask”, and is named for a river and region that is familiar to most Australians, as it is immortalised in one of our most famous poems “The Man from Snowy River” by A B ‘Banjo’ Patterson.

"Snowy River Damask" fabric detail

The animals and plants on the fabric are from the region including The Quoll, Powerful Owl, Lyrebird, and Peregrine Falcon.  The horses are, or course, not native, but are the ‘brumbies’ (wild horses) that live in the area, that are a key part of the poem.  The poem is ‘microprinted’ behind the portrait of ‘Banjo’ on our 10 dollar note – and those who are shortsighted like me, and have very good focus up close, can attest that it is possible to read it.

I am not sure what I will do with the fabric yet, but I was just so enchanted with it that I felt compelled to add it to my stash.  It is rare that I see Australiana done well.

"All a Flutter" Butterfly E

After the subtlety of the Snowy River fabric, this butterfly looks very bright indeed.  I just have 2 more to sew before I have a complete set, (you can see the first two here).

Have you added anything unusual to your fabric stash lately?

4 thoughts on “Snowy River Damask

  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful work of Lila Ruby King. So lovely to see someone doing Australiana so stylishly! Your butterflies are looking great – can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

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