The tiny sewing machinist has a finished project

Michaela with the cushion she made

This weekend Michaela and I finished a project we started 10 months ago.  We finally turned the foundation-pieced, homage to pink and purple, that she pieced herself, into a cushion.  You can see more about how she pieced it here.

Michaela's cushion - a view of the back

The back of the cushion is a riot of colour – a piece of fabric exactly to Michaela’s taste.  I’m pretty pleased with this photo, which shows off a few recent changes to Michaela.  In the past two months she has started loosing her first teeth rapidly.  In honour of her birthday, she had her ears pierced, and at her request we cut her a fringe.  I was pretty worried about how the fringe would look, but thought it was important to respect her wishes for her own hair, and I am really glad I did.  I like it, (even when it has the remains of purple hair spray in it, following a birthday party attendance).

Michaela with the cushion that she made

I quilted the cushion-front with random stars, hearts, swirls, flowers and Michaela’s name.  You can see the quilting better in the first photo, but I wanted to include this one, because I love the expression on her face.  Michaela is extremely pleased with herself, and is glorying in the beauty of her cushion.  She is adamant that it should live in the family room, for everyone to enjoy.  I was expecting this extreme embodiment of the love of pink and purple to reside in her bedroom.  I guess I can live with it hanging out on the couch for a little while, before it takes up more permanent residency in her domain.

If you want to start sewing with your children, I would really recommend a project like this.  The foundation piecing is easy, and creates a finished project that is relatively quick to finish (as long as you don’t wait 10 months to pull it out and quilt it).  You could do this easily in a weekend.

So, do your kids get to raid your stash, or do you encourage them to start a stash of their own?

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