Test Print

Matching Pegs Logo on test print

I received some exciting mail today, a test print of my first pattern.  It even came in it’s very own little plastic slipcover, just like the real ones!

Pattern Test Print with printing colour samples

Because printing can be so different from the colour on screen, I also requested print outs of a range of versions of my branding colours, so that I can get the right combination from the start.

Monster Chef in a little circular window, on my pattern test print

I am so professional (wink).  My patterns should be available in stores in December, I will be sure to keep you up to date!

4 thoughts on “Test Print

  1. oh my gosh, its soooo exciting!!! i cant wait to go into a shop and then be able to stand posing with your patterns and gloat that you are M Y friend hehehehe.
    enjoy the journey that you have worked so hard for 🙂

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