Should the Zombie Apocalypse arrive…

Revlon "Emerald City" Matt Suede Nailpolish

Should the Zombie Apocalypse arrive…it will find me with the right nail polish to wear as a zombie, (Revlon “Emerald City” Matt Suede).

Lately I have been very stressed out about our youngest daughter’s health.  We have been trying to figure out what has been giving her recurrent tummy pains for over a year now, and keep thinking we have found the culprit, only to be wrong.  The latest suspicion is that she suffers from Fructose Malabsorption, so she has been avoiding all fruit except bananas and berries while we were awaiting testing.  Last week was particularly emotionally charged, as she spent time on a much stricter diet, and then fasted, in order to perform a fructose breath test at the Children’s Hospital.

Fun Nailpolish colours

What upset Michaela the most was the knowledge that if she ends up having Fructose Malabsorption, the low-FODMAP diet she will end up on is fairly restrictive, and takes out way more than just most fruits.  In fact in comparison, a Gluten Free diet, or a diabetics diet looks pretty good.

So lately, for a little bit or fun, I have been buying bright, cheerful nail polish to cheer us all up. As an aside, it is amazing how often we all use food to cheer ourselves up, (and I’m not talking about binges on chocolate). We all really look forward to sharing nice food with people we love, and it really sucks when it becomes a problem to do that.

So back to the nail polish – I have discovered that while some colours look great in their little bottles, they do nothing for me on my nails.  I think I am a traditional lady in this respect.  Come summer, that watermelon/coral colour up there will be on my toenails for months, and I love a soft pearly gold, but no blues, greens or purples for me, I will leave them for my girls.

So, no craft to see here, I have been busy painting my nails.  Do you have a nail polish that would be suitable for the Zombie Apocalypse?

(We find out more about the test results later this week).

2 thoughts on “Should the Zombie Apocalypse arrive…

  1. Poor kid! A couple of my customers have this condition and that’s why they bought. I hope for her sake that it’s something else… there’s an awful lot of food you have to avoid, by all accounts.

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