Owl Cake

Rory's Owl Cake for his 10th birthday

On Tuesday we spent the day at Scienceworks to celebrate Rory’s 10th Birthday (which was actually last month).  We had a fantastic day, and then came back to our house with Rory’s friends, to partake in some cake before they went home.

Rory has had the instructions on how to assemble this cake bookmarked for months.  I think Luke and I, (but mainly Luke) did a pretty good job.

Rory and his Owl Birthday Cake - 10 years old

I took some really nice photos of Rory with his friends, (in spite of the artificial light).  I found that I needed to somehow get them laughing about something, because “cheese” doesn’t work anymore.

Rory with his 10th birthday Owl cake

Which is why I ended up with lots of photos where people are “talking” in amongst the smiling.  I wish I was better at jokes with unexpected punchlines.  I can never remember one when I need it.

Do you have a no-fail method for getting people to smile when you photograph them, (10 year old boys are hard work)?

5 thoughts on “Owl Cake

  1. Scienceworks is such a great place for a party, I did the same thing for my son’s 10th birthday. The owl cake is spectacular.

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