Swallows Old Rags Whole

Starfruit Footstool, Work in Progress

The other day I decided that the time was ripe to revisit my Starfruit Cushion Tutorial, and attempt to make a larger Footstool.  I cut 9″ squares out of upholstery fabric, and sewed them up with 1/2″ seam allowances (instead of 1/4″).  So far, so good.

Next I stuffed the upper section with poly-fill, which took more than half of a large bag, (which was all I had).    I threaded the buttons through, while the footstool was still small enough, using dental floss for strength.  Then I started feeding this beast with bits of torn, old sheets that were too thin and ripped to reuse, and leftovers from the tee-shirts I had cut up for my rag-rug.

An old, paint-stained tee-shirt to stuff into the footstool

I quickly moved onto old kindergarten tee-shirts, that were too paint-stained, (to pass on to anyone else) and too small for the rag-rug. The footstool swallowed them whole, and still looked hungry.  Eventually I ran out of rags too feed it, but it is only half-stuffed.  I am thinking that it will take quite some time to finish this beast.

Lotta on the half-stuffed, unfinished footstool

But that’s OK, it may look a bit deflated and squidgy, but Lotta approves.

Have you ever stuffed anything with old clothes and scraps?

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