Happy Mothers’ Day

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Mothers’ Day is one of those days that can be sweet and cuddly, or really, really hard.  If your Mothers’ Day is one of the latter, I hope you can find a way to get through it, without feeling like tearing up the cutesy cards in the supermarket.

I’ve had a pretty lovely start to my day, with pancakes, squeezed into the schedule before the male members of the family departed, to a cold, wet morning of junior footy.  I’m pretty lucky, and I know it.

The photo above is misleading, because I took it a while ago, and it has nothing to do with today.  I gave Luke the “Country Women’s Association Classics” cookbook, for our 14th anniversary last month, and he and the kids have been rewarding me with delicious fare ever since.  That tasty morsel (actually rather large morsel) is a home made Monte Carlo biscuit.  The favourite so far has been the Lime cake (pg 379) which we have had a few times, thanks  to the gift of some home grown limes from my friend Kym, who also gave me the beautiful roses.

Self portrait of me

This is a little sketch of me that I drew yesterday for something that I am working on.  Usually I draw from life, or by looking at photos that I have taken, but with this one, I “cheated” as I had a photo on a layer underneath my drawing.  I wanted to be quick.  Even with that help, it is hard to get facial expressions right – I’m still not sure about those lips.

Pencil self portrait

This one is a drawing that I did a few days ago, which I was going to use, before I got too lazy about unearthing the scanner.

I find it much easier to work with pencil, because the shading adds so much detail, but when I need line drawings for things like embroidery patterns, I have to find a way to distill the details.

Usually I make a pencil sketch, scan it into Photoshop, transfer it into Illustrator, and redraw over the top of it with my handy pen/tablet.  I’m getting faster at this step, but the pen/tablet still feels nothing like drawing on paper.  The best thing about it is the way you can scale your images.  I love to make very small sketches, but I can make them much larger, and add more detail if I need to.

How often do you draw?

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