Well hello again!

Arden with the Bunny I made him

What you see here is my beautiful nephew Arden, in a photo taken by the hospital photographer, with the bunny that I made him – how special is that!  What you also see here is a newborn baby who does NOT have a hole in his heart – something that was looking like a possibility until last week.  Massive sigh or relief!  Arden is now 6 weeks old, and is such a beautiful baby – just the kind to make you entertain idle thoughts about having another, (only idle thoughts though).

Dance Bag for Michaela

Michaela has taken up dancing this school term.  We rush straight from school, to dance class, where there is just time to change into her dance gear, so she needed the perfectly sized bag to hold her clothes, tap and ballet shoes.  Here is what I came up with, a simple drawstring bag, (impeccably finished with french-seams, la-di-dah) where the drawstrings are also the shoulder straps.

Micahela's dance clothes

When we went to purchase Michaela’s dance gear, it came in about 6 different shades of pink, black and purple.  The pinks were all cool pinks or that bubblegum pink colour, no warm peachy pinks.  I was very pleased when she told the lady in the shop that her favorite colour was purple, I thought it was the nicest colour there for her warm colouring.  Of course her bag had to be purple to match!

Michaela dressed for dance, adn Rory dressed for footy

When she was trying all her new clothes on, Rory came home from a game of Football, and I snapped a shot of them in their different gear.  I really liked the juxtaposition.  All that was missing was Amelia in her Taekwondo gear, or her Choir uniform.

Do your kids have lots of uniforms?

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