Happy stacks of fabric and comfort knitting

A bright stack of fabric for appliques

I have a bit going on at the moment, and it is not all fun, secret sewing stuff.  It’s “I can’t blog about it” stuff, and together with my pattern deadline it adds up to me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’m doing what crafty types do, I’m consoling myself with stacks of happy, bright fabric to oooh and ahh over, and comfort knitting.  The fabrics are all for the appliques that I have been working on, and I will reveal all, when I can, but even just looking at the fabric collection cheers me.

Knitting Therapy

The knitting has been keeping me company when I can’t be working on my project – it’s portable and calming.  The yarn is an 8ply, 100% wool from Cleckheaton, called Country Tartan, that I picked up from Spotty with some other less inspiring requirements – at 30% off I couldn’t resist.

Do you craft when you are overwhelmed?  Do you cook or dare I say it, clean? (not me).

3 thoughts on “Happy stacks of fabric and comfort knitting

  1. Hi Claire, sounds like you’re some sort of “Spook”?
    I cook to avoid housework – and I find it very calming – unlike knitting (there’s are reason that word has an awkward “k” at the front.
    Keep you chin up,

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