Eye Candy

Another ring started on the Wheel Of Fortune Quilt

This week I finished the 10th, peachy ring on my “Wheel of Fortune” Quilt, and have started on the 11th.  It’s the most hand piecing I have ever done, and I’m fairly proud of it.  Now that the rings are so large, it takes quite a while just to cut out all the diamonds that are required.  There are 88 in this next ring, and I am using 9 different cocoa-powder coloured fabrics.

Cocoa powdered coloured diamonds

This ring matches the inner-most star, (1st ring) and are a softer colour than the chocolate coloured 5th ring.  I am particularly taken with the fabric you can see here, as the outermost of the cocoa diamonds that I have attached.  It reminds me of paper money, and fine etchings.  It sounds a little bit conceited, but I just like looking at the whole thing.  It is a big piece of eye-candy.

Dear Stella Fabrics

Some other eye candy arrived this morning, some fabrics that I ordered in my favourite warm colours.  I had not really noticed these ranges, until I saw them on sale.  They are all “Dear Stella”fabric, from both the “Yard Sale” and “Mimosa” collections.

Dear Stella Mimosa, Mosaic Yellow

I am absolutely in love with this particular fabric, “Mosaic, Yellow” from the Mimosa collection.  It reminds me of a particular painting that I love called “Bush Plum” by Aboriginal artist Jeannie Mills Pwerle.  I don’t have any plans for these fabrics yet, but I know that they are colours that I return to a lot.  Using them is not going to be a problem.

Hope Valley Fabrics by Denise Schmidt

These last 4 fabrics are from Denise Schmidt’s “Hope Valley” Collection.  I know that I am really late to the party with these fabrics, but when they came out I was on a fabric diet.  I have only bought a half-yard of each.  I feel like I am blaspheming to say that unlike a lot of the quilting world, I have not been in raptures over Denise’s previous collections.  They were nice enough, but I didn’t like them enough to buy them.  This collection was different, the colours really spoke to me.  I have just seen a sneak peek of her next collection with Free Spirit, “Chicopee”, which has similar colours to this one, and I really, really like it.

Have you come “late to the party” on any fabric collections?


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