Visiting Amelia on camp

Amelia and her Dad

Last weekend we drove down to visit Amelia, who was away (for over a week) at camp.  There was an opportunity for families to spend 2 1/2 hours visiting their camper, and having a picnic lunch.  Amelia was having a wonderful time, and was very happy to show us around.

Amelia and Michaela with "Patch" the guinea pig

She was able to introduce her siblings to “Patch” the guinea pig, who was a big hit.

Amelia and Rory with "Patch" the guinea pig

It was also an opportunity to get some lovely candid photos of the kids.  Although this is not technically a very good photo, (into the light as it is) I love the way these two are looking at each other.  They were listening to the funny little noises that the guinea pig was making as it ate some grass.

Amelia and her Mum

It was great that we were able to visit, and see what kind of experience that Amelia was having, and to witness what an affect it was having on her.  She seemed very grown up, and much more independent (9 days of camp will do that to you).

Thankfully she arrived home yesterday, just in time to visit her brand new cousin in the hospital, something she would have been crushed to miss.

It is lovely to have her home again.

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