Jeannot Lapin Redux

Aqua Baby Bunny Softie

Last weekend I revisited this bunny, which I first made 3 1/2 years ago.  I wanted to try making it a little larger, because I thought it would make a nice, simple Baby toy, as it has no dangerous parts.

I used some lovely Moda “Grunge” fabric which has a lot of visual texture, akin to furniture with lots of layers of paint.  Amelia, who is definitely not a baby, (at 11 years old) was smitten.  She generally is with anything that is in the Aqua part of the spectrum.

Late this morning I placed that Bunny to wait on her bed, after returning from depositing her for departure for 9 days of camp.

Amelia, next to the bus

I am very excited and a smidgen apprehensive for her.  There are a handful of kids from school going with her, (chosen randomly) but the bulk of the other kids are strangers.  The camp will take her right outside her comfort zone, as she will have none of her particular friends with her, and 9 days is a long time for your first camp.  She is going to do exciting adventurous stuff like rock climbing and canoeing though, and we can visit her for 2 hours next Sunday.

Amelia's Bed

Until she returns, Jeannot Lapin (Bunny Rabbit) will occupy her freshly-made bed, and thoughts of her will, no-doubt, occupy my mind. It will be strange to be apart for one of my children for such a length of time.

Square Emerald, Bezel set Engagement ring

In fantastically unexpected news, my engagement ring, which was missing for 20 days turned up (and now I have a better photo of it)!

I had all but given up hope, as I really thought it had slipped off my finger while I was out, but all along it was hiding in a box we keep in our laundry, that holds outdoor toys like skipping ropes and kites.  A box I go to rarely, and will probably not disturb over the next few months as the weather starts to turn cold.

So many people have told me of their “lost jewellery stories” of recovery weeks, months and years later.

Have you ever had a long-lost object turn up again?



5 thoughts on “Jeannot Lapin Redux


    Holy moly woman! I imagine Sunday may require some Stiff Upper Lip! (But what an AMAZING opportunity for a kid – big yay for you Amelia).

    (and glad all is right with the world and your ring in its rightful location).

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