No Sew

Prints on the wall near our dining table

There has been very little sewing going on here for at least a week, and the weather has matched my mood, grey.

My carpal tunnel syndrome (and cubital tunnel syndrome – same nerve) has really flared up, and I have been unable to do much with my hands, which has really made me feel glum.  The buzzing feeling along my ring and little finger has also given me difficulty with wearing my rings.

My ring is almost in the photo

I have had a lot on my mind, and my distraction has led to me to (probably) move my engagement ring from my ring finger to my little finger, without really thinking about it, while out last Monday afternoon.  At some point, within a 90 minute window, it slipped off my finger and I am now bereft of my beautiful emerald engagement ring, and losing all hope of getting it back.

The wet and grey weather has not been conducive to photography, but in an effort to have something to post here, I pulled out the tripod and did my best to photograph some new prints we have recently put up on our walls.

"The Rose" Woodcut by Thea Proctor, 1927

Here I framed a small card I purchased at the Bendigo Art Gallery last year, which is a copy of a work held in the National Gallery of Australia, in Canberra.  This beautiful piece is a woodcut called “The Rose” by Thea Proctor, 1927.

"Friends" by Geninne Zlatkis

This is a print I purchased and gave to Luke last year, “Friends” by Geninne Zlatkis, whose beautiful blog from Mexico I read avidly.  You can see a much nicer photo of it on her blog here, and there are still a couple of copies for sale in her Etsy store. We purchased the frames on a recent trip to IKEA, where we also got some picture ledges to display more of our family photos.

Picture Ledges in the Lounge Room

This is a corner of our home (the Lounge room) that you have never seen, because until now it looked so uninteresting.  It is a pretty ordinary photo, (thanks to the heavy, grey cloud cover) but it gives you some idea of how our new picture ledges look.  Luke and I would like one or two taller prints or photos for the top ledge, and the whole thing needs more interesting styling, but I included this photo in the interests of “keeping-it-real”.

I even left “The Last Box” in the photo, which has still not been unpacked since our move 2 years ago.  It mocks me.   It is full of lovely art materials from a-long-time-ago when Luke and I were Uni-students, studying design.  We just can’t work out where to put the contents.

City of Dragons by Robin Hobb (book)

While I have not been making stuff, I have luckily had other distractions, like this new release from Robin Hobb – City of Dragons.  The weather is finally cooling, and less humid, so hopefully my nerve issues will calm down, and I will be back to creating very soon.

Have you got any new art on your walls?


7 thoughts on “No Sew

  1. Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about your lost engagement ring. I do hope it will be handed into the police. I have carpal tunnel also and have a constant buzzy feeling in my middle finger. Love your blog and those prints are lovely.

  2. That is awful news about your lost ring – I can definitely feel your glumness – put up posters around the areas you may have been and small ads in local papers – I truly hope it comes back to you. Wishing your pain away quickly!

  3. I know how you feel about losing something so precious. I hope the weather is being kinder to you these last few days. Enjoy the read it’s good to find an engrossing read by a popular author you like. take care

  4. Beautiful artwork Claire, but what a bummer about your ring – and your carpal tunnel. I have had carpal tunnel a few times and it is NO FUN at all. Cortisone injections worked for me. Continue to enjoy your reading, and your beautiful lounge room.

  5. Poor you. What a terrible time you’ve had lately.
    On a brighter note, the wall looks amazing and I just love the shelving. Barb
    PS We have many unpacked boxes still after a year, they live under the bed and help to gather the dust. Can’t see their smug faces though.

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