Just add red…

Toothbrush Rug WIP, with Lotta the Moodle looking on

So Lotta has had a haircut, and looks like a different type of dog, and the rug has had 4 more rounds; coral, red, beige and navy.  I knew that red would make it pop, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage, with no old red tee-shirts.  Then I remembered that I had some scraps left over from making this red kaftan shirt.

Toothbrush Rug detail showing red fabric with dobby spots

Because it was a very lightweight fabric, I had to cut 2″ wide strips rather than 1″ wide, and they were all different lengths, because of the odd shaped scraps, but it was worth it.  If you look closely, there are even little pink polka dots (dobby spots) showing on the rug.

detail of my toothbrush rug (rag rug)

The red fabric is actually the fifth “round” that I have made using non-stretch fabric, cut from scraps of woven cotton that I had.  The two blues on the left of this photo, and the two greens are the others, all of which are homespun.  Using these scraps enables me to work with a more diverse palette.

One thing I have discovered is that the stretch fabric behaves in different ways.  Some stretch out and relax, and get a lot longer, as they are stretched by the process of making.  Others curl up on themselves and look more like thick yarn.  The last “round” of navy (to the right in the photo) curls up like this, which is much less messy than the kind that stretches and leaves lots of fluff behind.

The corner table in my lounge room

It is probably extremely optimistic, but I would like to make the rug large enough to sit under this little table in my lounge room.  This table sits at the corner of the L shaped room, which functions as a lounge room, with my sewing studio in the other length.  Because I took this photo into the light, (which makes the room look darker than it is) you can’t see the bad stains on the carpet that I would like to cover, until the distant future when we can afford to change the carpet.  I may get tired of rug making before it gets big enough, but if I don’t, this is the goal.  I love this little corner.  It is the perfect, well-lit, quiet spot, to write, do a jigsaw, or work on homework, away from the general noise that a family usually makes – that is, if they don’t follow you in to join you.

Do you have a quiet spot in your home?

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