Progress on the Rag Rug and Prizes from Jodie

I’ve been around the rug once again, and then some, with a new colour.  I really wanted something darker, and am pleased with the navy.  Jodie, who is hosting the Rug-Along, sent me a lovely prize, for getting straight into the Rag-Rug-Along, which was lovely.  I feel that the reward of turning old clothes into new items is reward enough, but Amelia has already jumped on the prize, “Three Little Maids” and matching fabric – hoping to make them up herself, so I’m not sending them back!

New items from old clothes - cutting up old pants

The navy fabric comes from a pair of size 5 pants that are covered with paint, but the beauty of this stuff is that the fabric rolls up on itself, and you can only see the surface that was once on the inside of the pants – with no paint spots.  This fabric is quite a bit thicker than tee-shirt fabric, so I am cutting a thinner strip of it.  It also looses lots more fluff as I work, so I will have to vacuum a bit more often until I am done, or make it out on the deck.
Toothbrush Rug in Progress

I also added a large “lazy daisy” in the centre of the rug, with a remaining scrap of purple toddler pants.  I’m pretty happy with it, but can always pull it off if I change my mind.  Here is my post about making a toothbrush rug, if you are interested.  What do you turn your old clothes into?

3 thoughts on “Rug-a-lug

  1. Cute! I love the ken Done-ish colours of it (before the navy I guess). I’m hoping to do Jodie’s “Three Little Maid” class in May, looks so cute!

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