And now with some colour

Toothbrush Rag Rug WIP 12.5" wide

This toothbrush rug has grown really quickly, it is now 12 1/2″ wide. Best of all, it is made of stuff that was destined to become laundry rags.  So far, the rung contains one PJ leg (the centre), and the bottom few inches of two coral coloured tees of mine.  The blue used to be a tiny t-shirt (size 2) , and the lovely purple fabric was the waist-to-crotch section of some holey, old, toddler pants that both of my girls wore all the time.

I imagine my rug is slightly more irregular than the ones that get made of sheets, or new fabric, because of the side seams on the clothing, but I don’t care.

The main limiting factor is going to be availability of old clothes to make it with.  I would like to add some darker colours to the mix, but don’t have any in my rag basket.  I don’t want to buy any clothes, (even at the op-shop) because I only want to use stuff that is no longer wearable.  I think I will start raiding other people’s rag bags, like my Mum’s.  Mum, you have been warned.

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