Thank You to the Teachers

Thank You to the Teacher - Stitchery

Last night, at a reasonable hour, I finished the third and final of the gifts for the teachers.  Today, all three are getting a personalised copy of this embroidery.

Yesterday afternoon I took a number of shots of one of them, in the hopes of getting a good photo for a pattern cover.

detail of stitchery

I started the one for Amelia’s teacher quite early in the year.  Amelia has done some of it herself, so as a result, all the lines on the design are embroidered.

close up of embroidery

As I stitched the other two on my own, I chose to leave some details un-stitched, because I think the brown pigma pen looks fine (and time was of the essence).  I’m currently writing the pattern, and have indicated on it that you can stitch as little or as much as you like.  In fact, the first year I designed it, I framed it as just a drawing on cloth.

detail of the embroidery

This is the third year it has made an appearance, and it has changed every year, but I am really happy with this year’s iteration, so I don’t plan on tweaking it any more.

embroidered Amelia

These really are a labour of love, but they are worth it.  Not only do I believe that teachers are really important, but my kids love the idea that their teacher is getting something that will help them remember teaching one of the “Matching Pegs*” kids.

Have you got a favourite gift to give the teacher?

*Not our real name 🙂


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