Good Mother, Bad Blogger

During these school holidays, (last week and this week) I have spent lots of time with my kids, and very little time on my computer.  I have not blogged, and my feed reader has filled with posts that I will probably not get around to reading.

Playing "Good Luck, Bad Luck"

In other words, all is as it should be.  I would rather be a bad blogger than a bad mother.

minifigures as game counters

The other afternoon we spent 2 hours playing a game we made abut 4 years ago, with nothing more than some coloured paper and cardboard, and some imagination.  We call it “Good Luck, Bad Luck”.

Long, long ago, we came up with examples of good luck and bad luck to put on the cards, and assigned them moves, eg.”Your read your favourite book, (Tonka) move forward 3 spaces” or “It rained on the way to school go back 2 spaces”, or my personal favourite “Your baby learns to talk, go forward 3 spaces”.

Playing "Good Luck, Bad Luck" with Minifigures for counters

We all enjoyed laughing about who had come up with the different pieces of luck, and how funny some of them were – “Peanut butter for dinner, go forward 2 spaces” was definitely Rory!  We kept telling Michaela that the baby mentioned on the cards was really her (When she was actually a small toddler).  It was wonderful to have that baby reading her own cards (with a little help – my handwriting didn’t make it easy).

Michaela with some Tulips

Yesterday we took off for the hills and visited the Tesselaar Tulip Festival with some friends.  I am so glad I took the camera.

orange tulips

The weather was perfect – overcast, (which kept crowd numbers down) but not cold or wet (until we left).

Pink and Dark Purple Tulips

The tulips were beautiful – these very dark purple ones were Rory’s favourite, (because they were almost black).

Light Purple Tulip

Some of the tulips, that were starting to “turn” and were past their prime, looked almost as interesting as the ones at their peak.

Orange Ranunculus

As much as I enjoyed the Tulips, I was actually much more taken with the mass plantings of the Ranunculus.

Mixed Ranunclus

I just love them in all their colours.  Speaking of colours (not a very skilled segue, I know) if you are anywhere near Eltham this weekend, and would like to see all the lovely colours in many quilts on display, please come to our Biennial Quilt Show.


The North of the Yarra Quilt Guild Exhibition is held at the Eltham Community Centre,
801 Main Road, Eltham, (Melways 21 J6) between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th (this weekend).  Admission is $8 – Children under 14 are free.

Come and say hello, I might be a bad blogger lately, but I am always happy to have  chat in person!


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