Around and around we go

Wheel of Fortune Quile - Work in progress

I have been steadily adding to my Wheel of Fortune Quilt, currently half-way around with green diamonds.

Green Diamonds

It is quite fun coming up with the patterns for each ring, and I love playing with dusty apple green fabrics.

One thing that has been bothering me has been the 2nd ring – the yellow squares.

The fabric I used was not the best quality, a bit too thin and too loosely woven, and  I have not been 100% sold on the colour.

Auditioning fabric squares

I am not quite at the point of unpicking, but I am certainly getting closer.  I have been auditioning alternative fabrics.  These are three different pale peachy fabrics I am considering.

Auditioning peachy fabric squares

This is the effect I am closest to settling on.  As usual, a photo doesn’t quite capture the subtleties of colour, and the overcast conditions are making the colours of this quilt look more blah then they are in person.

If I do unpick, it will be a big step, because I have ironed away the stitching lines.  I will have to redraw them on and hope for the best, a prospect that makes me nervous.  I might just decide that the yellow is good enough, even though it is a little more see-through, a coarse than all the other fabrics.

Are you happy to unpick work that you did ages ago, just because you have changed your mind?

One thought on “Around and around we go

  1. Wow Claire, it is looking fabulous! I’m not much help because I love the yellow, and the peach!! I am very good friends with the seam ripper however, so I know the quandary you are in. Will it make much difference if you unpick it now or leave it til the end to decide? If you leave it til the end you might feel even more strongly about whether the yellow has to stay or go. xo

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