A Simple Quilt – A Background for some Applique

A Simple Quilt - A Background for some Applique

After lots of planning on the computer (in Illustrator), I whipped up this little quilt top.

I wanted a fairly restful (but hopefully not boring) background to add some simple applique to.  The applique is going to be some bright, fairly large circles, I like to think of them as “bubbles”.

Lotta bounding towards me as I try and take a quilt photo.

As usual, Lotta tried to steal the show….

Lotta's favourite game - chasing her Soccer ball.

She was actually playing her favourite game – soccer!  This is an old ball, from a game that Rory had, that was similar to Totem tennis, but with a Soccer ball.  You can see the little tag where the elastic string used to attach.  That is where Lotta can pick up the ball (which is obviously far too big to fit in her mouth).  If you kick the ball for Lotta, she will chase it around for ages, pushing it with her head, until she can find the “tag” to pick it up.  She loves it.  When I was taking photos, Lotta saw me nudge the ball out of my way, and came bounding up to have a game.

Preparing some circles to applique onto my quilt

Here you can see me preparing some “bubbles” to applique onto the quilt.  I am using a method that I have used before, which involves sewing them (right-sides together) with some very light, fusible interfacing – which is NOT ironed onto the applique fabrics.  Once you cut a slit in the interfacing, and turn them out the right way, you can iron them onto the quilt.  This means that the edges are all evenly turned under, and can be hand appliqued down to sit quite flat.

Applique circles, or "bubbles" ready to applique onto my quilt

The interfacing I am using is called “Floriani Wet and Gone“, which after (vigorous) washing, completely disappears.  I am planning on hand sewing these circles down, while I am away on retreat.

I love working with circles, but lots of people seem a little scared of them.  Are you?

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